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Riley Friday~ I’ll Take a Pawdicure Please

Welcome back to yet another episode of Riley Friday! This week Riley asked for a pawdicure. Momma gets her nails done, so why shouldn’t Riley get her nails done?

With this thought in mind I did some research and found a non-toxic, water based and quick drying nail pen. After some debating I figured a nail pen would be the easiest method to apply nail polish to Riley’s nails without making a mess. So I purchased a 3-pack of the pawdicure pens I found on amazon prime along with the colors blue and white. I also purchased some gloves to protect my nails and a nail file; all from amazon.

To paint your babies nails you’re going to want to first put on gloves to protect your nails from getting polish on them, especially if you already have your nails done. Then take your nail file and file the tip/edges of their nails to make sure theres no breakage or fly-aways so that the nail is nice and smooth, this allows the polish to lay nicely. Finally, you’re ready to paint!

The company who produces the pawdicure pens recommends that if your fur-baby has dark nails to paint a white base coat first. So since Riley’s nails are naturally black, I painted them white and then went over it with the pink polish. The pens were pretty easy to use. They did take 60-seconds of prep to be able to utilize them the first time, but after that you will never need to prep them again.

This was my first time painting Riley’s nails with these pens and I think they turned out pawsome, and clearly Riley agrees. However, she did not enjoy the process of getting them painted. It took her a while to be ok with what I was doing and it took me some time to figure out a technique that worked the best to get the most out of the pen and keep her comfortable. In the end I found a technique that works for me, so I think the next time we paint her nails it will go over much smoother and her nails will turn out even better! I do want to note though that the polish is definitely quick drying but it will take at least 60 seconds so be sure to stop your baby from walking around until you’re completely done and you’re sure its dry.

You and your baby have so many pawsome colors to chose from, there are even glow in the dark colors! And to make it even better, you can purchase colors individually, in a set of 3, or as a whole set (which included all 13 colors). You even get free shipping on amazon prime for prime members. Plus, you can get acetone-free nail polish remover to safely and effectively remove the polish.

You guys know that the health and happiness of my babies is the most important thing to me. That is why finding non-toxic, quick drying, water based nail polish and acetone-free nail polish remover that is not only safe to use but is also easy, was such a win! Plus, the polish has no smell. I definitely will be continuing to paint Riley’s nails!

If you do chose to paint your babies nails with these pens, don’t be anxious because they will pick up on your energy and be anxious too. Just go with the flow and have fun with it! I got some polish in Riley’s fur, and thats ok! Its ok if you do too; this polish is non-toxic and I promise it will come out of their fur. It is going to take some practice and getting used to for you both. But I think in the end it is going to be so worth it! So go for it and have fun! But don’t forget to tag me in your pictures if you do paint your babies nails.

Also, in case you missed it, two winners will be getting the complete “Riley Friday” package! I am giving away the complete set of pawdicure pens, a bottle of the nail polish remover, everything you’ve already seen in Riley Friday up until now, and everything Riley shows for the rest of March. So 2 of you are going to be spoiling your babies big time this Spring! All you have to do to enter is follow me on Instagram, like and comment on all of my posts for the month of March, and follow me on LiketoKnow.It (LTK). Once you have followed me in LTK just send me a screenshot on Instagram showing that you follow me. Just 3 simple steps to win the ultimate Riley Friday Package! You wont want to miss this one. The deadline to enter is April 1st and the winner will be announced April 2nd. And if you want a bonus entry, you can subscribe to the blog! How simple is that?

Thats all for this weeks episode of Riley Friday. We hope you guys enjoyed the video and can’t wait to see your fur-baby with their nails painted!

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