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Riley Friday~ Fresh Pawsies

Hello everyone and welcome back to Riley Friday! As always, Riley is going to be sharing something she loves. But this week the product is more for my dog-moms and dog-dads, but shhh! Don’t tell Riley I said that!

Today Riley is demonstrating her paw wipes. I thought the wipes were quite fitting for this episode since she got a bacterial skin infection one of our last days in Maui. Poor Riley has very, very sensitive skin. For those of you who don’t know, when I adopted Riley from the shelter she had a bacterial skin infection. So right from the start its been an ongoing battle for her with her sensitive skin and allergies. She takes medication daily and we are trying some more natural remedies to help build up the skin barrier, but she still itches throughout the day and is susceptible to infection.

That is why I like these fur-baby wipes! They are all natural and hypoallergenic, plus they can be used on their paws as well as their body since it is paraben free, residue free, alcohol free, and dye free. Tropiclean really outdid themselves with this one! The wipes are deoderizing but fragrence free and are formulated with a mild coconut cleanser, which makes them perfect for babies with sensitive skin. They truly remove dirt and dander but don’t dry out Riley’s skin or irritate her in any way.

You also may not know this but wiping your babies paws, legs and even face when they come back indoors can play a very important role. When you wipe their paws after frolicking in the grass not only are you cleansing their “feet” in an effort to keep your house free from dirt and you furniture clean, but you’re actually wiping away the allergens. If you promptly wipe their paws you’re wiping away the pollen, grass residue, dirt and any other potential allergens before it has the chance to seep into your babies skin or rub off onto other areas of their body. That is really important for fur-babies with allergies and sensitive skin. But it can also be useful for dogs who maybe don’t have any allergy issues because you’re helping prevent that to happen and you are keeping your blankets free from dirt, not to mention keeping your white furniture white! I know for me personally, wiping Bandit and Riley’s paws kept my white couch white and stopped them from tracking mud and dirt throughout the house. I also noticed a big difference right away in Riley’s itching and how often she got skin infections or contact dermatitis, which is essentially a bad rash due to her skin touching an allergen, which she used to get often. And the veterinarian did suggest to wipe her paws every time we come inside if we hadn’t started doing so already (which we had) for this reason. So it felt good to know that there was science behind doing this and that it actually works and has made such a big difference in Riley’s life.

I simply keep a pack of these by the pool door and created a routine. So every time we come back inside Riley will stop near the door and wait for me to wipe her paws. I also found that she actually likes getting her face and belly wiped, especially on hot days! Since we live in Florida it is typically hot and humid outside, but nice and cool in the house, so the wipes are nice and cool to the touch from sitting in the air conditioning. But I want to mention that it did take Riley a week or two to form this routine and become comfortable with me lifting and wiping her paws. This routine was already in place with Bandit, so when I adopted Riley (a rescue with a clear history of abuse) I attempted to start her on the same routine. However, due to her history she was very hesitant and did not like it at first. But shortly after it became second nature to her and she actually looks forward to it now! So if your baby is hesitant or runs away at first, don’t be discouraged, keep trying and be consistent. Dogs by nature are creatures of habit, so they will establish this routine!

Also, for my doggy parents out their who have fur-babies with no skin issues or allergies, Tropiclean makes an all natural deep-cleaning wipe in the wonderful scent of berries and coconut! They truly smell amazing, but I do prefer the hypoallergenic, fragrance free wipes for my sensitive skin baby.

Both wipes are all natural, made in the USA, and are safe to use on dogs, cats and puppies aged 12 weeks or older. They each come with 100 wipes per pack and you can get both on amazon prime for $10.99 with free shipping, or subscribe and save 5-10%.  I personally subscribe so I receive more packs every month and never run out! Click on the product below to get these wipes. Trust us, your fur-baby will love feeling clean and you will love knowing your babies skin isn’t irritated and your house is dirt free!

PS: I also keep a pack in my car. Making it handy for trips to the park.

See you next week on Riley Friday!


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